Perfect Head #29

After a very brief 7 month absence Perfect Head returns, and of course the moment I turned on the microphone I started to get laryngitis. I swear I was speaking just fine moments earlier. But I did not allow that to provide me with another excuse to not do a show. I just left out most of the blabbing.

The first two cuts are from the same artist, and although they have different titles, they are clearly part of a whole, and are played here as though they are one.

Coney Island – Mike Errico
When I Get Out Of Jail – Mike Errico

Dying To Live – Nataly Dawn
For A Movie (unreleased demo) – Enter The Haggis
One For My Baby – Kevin Mahogany
Goodness Gracious – Kevin Gilbert
Background Vocals – Jim’s Big Ego
Lost In Germany – King’s X
All Fall Down – Kevin Gilbert

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Perfect Head #28

My website provider recently moved me to a new server, and the result is I have to create a new site for Perfect Head.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Podcast subscribers should experience no interruption.  I will improve this place as soon as I can.

Meanwhile the latest show is…

Perfect Head #28

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